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IV Vitamin Infusion


IV Vitamin Infusion


IV Vitamin drips provide your body with a higher concentration of vitamins absorbed in a higher percentage than taken by mouth.


Inner Beauty (Fortify Skin, Hair, and Nails) 

Includes a blend of IV Fluids, Electrolytes, Antioxidants, and Vitamins to help improve skin complexion, help bring out the radiance and natural glow, and strengthen hair and nails.


Recovery and Performance 

Includes a blend of IV Fluids, Vitamins, Amino Blends, and Mineral Blends that will boost your immune system function, promote muscle healing, recover from a workout, shorten the time recovery after an injury, enhance athletic performance, and replenish essential nutrients.


Reboot (Hangover Formula) 

Includes a blend of IV Fluids, Vitamins, Minerals & Medication that will replenish hangovers like dehydration, nausea, headache, and fatigue. The hangover rescue drip is fast-acting and will promote a faster recovery.


Myers Cocktail 

Myers Cocktails is an infusion of multiple vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, vitamin B, calcium, and magnesium. This cocktail helps produce energy, protects against immune system deficiencies cardiovascular disease, helps maintain optimal body weight, and contributes to bone and heart health. 


Benefits include:

  • Cleansing toxins from the body

  • Hydration and Recovery

  • Enhanced Immunity

  • Treatment takes 45 to 60 minutes

  • Administered by a certified nurse

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