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BLS-First Aid/ CPR

First Aid Kit

CPR Certification Course


Royal Kartier Beauty Spa Health and Wellness PLLC are proud to offer American Heart Association CPR classes. Our classes include quality training to save lives and understand the importance of early CPR.


Healthcare for Professionals Course:

BLS Original Certification Class $115 (Adult/Child/Infant/AED)

BLS Renewal Certification Class $75 (Adult/Child/Infant/AED)



CPR/AED/First Aid Original Certification Class $175 

CPR/AED/First Aid Renewal Certification Class $150 


Individual Classes

First Aid $65

Blood Borne Pathogens (Original $50 and renewal $35)

Heart savers CPR and First Aid (Original $125 and renewal $100)

Heart Saver CPR and AED (Original $125 and renewal $100)

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