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Royal Kartier Beauty Spa Health and Wellness takes pride in our exceptional cost-effective services that will not break the bank story.

Royal Kartier Staff

The friendly and experienced team at Royal Kartier Beauty Spa LLC and PLLC guarantee quality of service at affordable prices.

Royal Kartier Beauty Spa is a one-stop-shop for all your desired enhanced beauty needs. We are here to treat you like royalty from the first phone call to the last procedure. We’re dedicated to providing top-notch results while helping our clients achieve the ultimate beauty and health treatments.

All treatments for body contouring are safe, non-invasive, painless & with no downtime. You can book your appointment and return back to work feeling way better!

Our mission is to create a lifestyle change for people to live healthier lives. We typically see women and men who want to lose weight naturally, quickly, and painlessly. Some are frustrated with not being able to get rid of their trouble zone areas despite a healthy diet and exercise regimen, and others want to jump-start their weight loss journey so that they see quick results and stay motivated.

Our all-natural body sculpting treatments provides a targeted, painless, affordable, body sculpting technology with no surgery, downtime, side effects, prescriptions, or starvation.

Clients have found it hard to reduce trouble spots, such as love handles, tummy bulges, saddlebags, etc. are significantly reduced with just a few treatments.

Dr. Ward

Ms. Jazelle | Royal Kartier Beauty Spa

Ms. Jazelle

Dr. Ward | Royal Kartier Beauty Spa
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