Chemical Skin Exfoliation


New skin cells originate deep in the dermis gradually moving toward the surface over a period of time and dying in the process. Chemical skin exfoliation penetrates the upper layers of the skin for the complete removal of dead surface cells. Natural exfoliation is slowed by the aging process, hormonal changes, and environmental and sun damage.

Exfoliation Benefits

  • Keeps skin clean

  • Unclogs pores

  • Reduces acne breakouts

How does it work?

A consultation will be scheduled with a Licensed Medical Aesthetician. Your skin will be examined at this appointment to determine the best treatment option based upon your individuals' needs. The Aesthetician is state licensed and trained in skin anatomy, physiology, and the selection and combination of acids or enzymes to apply to the skin.

What should be expected?

Superficial skin is removed along with any associated skin imperfections. After peeling away, skin becomes smoother, softer, more uniform tone, and fewer wrinkles.